Finn's Story

November 21, 2021 was the day Ricky and Rebecca lost their youngest child, Finn, in a car accident. In this sudden loss of their own, #FinnsArmy was birthed by those who loved this family in response to a call to honor and remember the eight year old that he was, but to also spur one another on to serving as Finn had a heart for doing.

Finn was a warrior. Known for his athleticism, active heart, and friendly demeanor, he was simply infectious. With a contagious smile, and ability to light up a room and befriend anyone, Finn was simply one of a kind. He carried with him a love for Jesus, a love for including others, and a love for making the most of all things. So from "Finn's Army," came also the tagline 'live like Finn,' because if there is one thing we all knew of such a courageous boy, it was that his life was one to model after.

Do More - Be More

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Join the call to honor Finn with random acts of kindness. Include a sticker or share a post with #FinnsArmy to spread the word.

Engage with PUR International

Beyond random acts of kindness, we encourage you to go deeper into giving and serving. Established long before Finn’s passing and invigorated with renewed purpose, explore PUR International and how you may support the mission.

The Ongoing Story – Finn, The Waitmans, and the World Around Them

Ricky Becca Waitman

As many of you know, we’ve been dealing with a tragic accident over the last few days. Sadly, Finn didn’t make it. “Sadly” isn’t a strong enough word. There are many other synonyms or other expletives I could choose. Lots of you have been reaching out and praying for us. Thank you. One of Finn’s favorite things to do was to be told a story. I have a couple of stories to honor him with.

This story is about a boy. This boy was specifically designed by God to change the world. He was God’s warrior. He would’ve been on God’s Seal Team 6. Everything this boy did, he did as unto the Lord. He never held anything back and strived to be the best at it. School, sports, serving, loving. Every time, everything was 100%. Tragically, 8 years into his mission to change the world, it was cut short. The boy was so driven and wanted to complete his so badly that he came up with a plan. If his mission gets cut short, he’ll leave pieces of him behind so that his mission will carry on. Other people will use those pieces of him to continue to change the world. Although this boy’s race-mission has finished, the goal will carry on through his gifts.

This next story is about a family. This family had made it their whole life purpose to serve people, love people and show people who Jesus is. They were doing the best they could and were doing a decent job at it. One day, a thief saw the family. He was jealous of their efforts. His only goal in life was to steal, kill and destroy. He came up with a plan to try to stop this family from their purpose. The thief stole their youngest son. He was sure that this would derail them. Destroy them even. Little did the thief know, this family was stronger than he could imagine.

This family was created by the God of the universe for their purpose. Their work will be completed. All this thief did was wake a sleeping giant. Although this family is hurting…bad… they will get through the hurt. They would grow their strengths, refine their mission, and multiply their efforts. What the thief meant to be used for evil, will be turned on him and expanded for good. This family was confused, hurting and even a bit angry with God, but they were PISSED AT THE THIEF. They made it their new purpose to take every opportunity to foil the thief’s plans and attempts at destruction for other people around the world. This family will not only “get through the hurt” they will grow and thrive through the pain. And that’s what they did.

We love you and feel your prayers. We know a lot of you are hurting and broken as well. Understand the mission. Join us in it. Let’s honor Finn by changing the world. Every day, find an opportunity to make a difference. Doesn’t have to be a big life changing moment. Just pick up trash, compliment a stranger. Do it all 100% Do it all as unto the Lord.

To Finn: We love you. You are always with us. You’re the man and my lil buddy.

To the Thief: Suck it. We’re coming.

Response to the Call Creates Finn's Army

Brooke Shipman Mapes

The next few weeks, everyone get out there and do some Random Acts of Kindness. Share a photo and use #FinnsArmy. Show Ricky & Becca Waitman and family some love & support. "Let's honor Finn by changing the world!" Can't wait to see what you all come up with! heart

Finn's Army in Action

Since then, people around the world have responded from family and friends who love them dearly to complete strangers, from the Midwest and the coasts to Uganda and Costa Rica.